Soundproofing with images. The importance of acoustics in the interior design and retail fields has led us to develop a wide range of fabrics with different properties and characteristics.

Poly 250 or Textured Acoustic

Available in 5m width, Poly 250 is a versatile and economical product. It is ideal for PVC and aluminium profiles installations (walls, ceilings). Textured acoustic offers a better opacity and an original touch that brings it closer to cotton in texture.

Acoustic Stretched Fabric

Finished with a peripheral silicone band, our fabric named ”Stretch” is engineered to be tightened on aluminum or wooden profiles enabling it to be used to mount acoustic frames for many different uses. Wall frames, acoustic ceiling tiles, … these acoustic solutions bring efficiency and an incomparable esthetic result. Our stretchable fabric also facilitates the manufacture of washable bedheads.

Water-repellent textile

Available in 3.20m width, our water-repellent textile is for use in places exposed to splashes. The ideal fabric for hotels.

Compatible materials

Backlit 300

Fire-retardant 3,20m 300g Sublimation Oekotex Soft fold Rolled Silicone band Backlit No COV release Decoration Indoor Odourless  

Poly 240

Fire-retardant 5m 250g Sublimation Oekotex Folded 5m Rolled 3m Silicone band No COV realease Acoustic Decoration Indoor  Odourless  


Fire-retardant 3,10m 220g Sublimation Oekotex Folded Silicone band No COV release Acoustic Decoration Indoor Odourless  

Textured acoustic

Fire-retardant 3,10m 270g Sublimation Oekotex Folded 5m Rolled 3m Silicone band No COV release Acoustic Decoration Indoor Odourless  


Fire-retardant 3.10m 220g Sublimation Oekotex Soft fold Rolled Silicone band Water-repellent No COV release Acoustic Decoration Indoor  Odourless