Advantages : Sublimation / UV

Superior quality, technically advanced, environmentally friendly, and now available in 5 meter width… the sublimation print process offers only advantages and will revolutionise the world of digital print.

Figarol’s innovations actively participate in the development and growth of sublimation worldwide. Our research and development pursues its effort to offer you the most appropriate and efficient materials to comply with your needs.

UV inks which are harmful, odorous, disrespectful of the material and the environment, only have longterm outdoor applications.

Sublimation inks are odourless, resistant to handling and retain the initial properties of the material. Guaranteed without COV release,  sublimation printed fabrics offer a real well-being to its users.

Sublimation offers a very large choice of technical and high-end materials. These materials are produced according to Oekotex standards.

To date, we print on 16 different materials in dye-sublimation amongst them 9 are printed in 5m width.

The quality of sublimation print result in a strong brand image thanks to the very high resolution and the colour density. The result obtained in very large format is by far superior to UV prints.