Aluminium Frames

Within the framework of its numerous innovations, Figarol has developed priviliged contacts with diferent manufacturers and distributors of aluminium frames. And from that experience, we are able to offer turnkey solutions for aluminium frames, structures and visuals, Made in France.

Compatible materials

Backlit 205

Fire-retardant 5m 205g Sublimation Oekotex Rolled Silicone band Backlit Decoration Indoor Odourless  

Backlit 300

Fire-retardant 3,20m 300g Sublimation Oekotex Soft fold Rolled Silicone band Backlit No COV release Decoration Indoor Odourless  

Black Back

Fire-retardant 5m 235g Sublimation Oekotex Rolled Silicone band Opaque No COV release Decoration Indoor  Odourless  

Black Back Double Stretch

fire-retardant 3.20m 235g Sublimation Oekotex Soft fold Rolled Silicone band Opaque No COV release Decoration Indoor  Odourless  

Open weave

Fire-retardant 5m 95g Sublimation Oekotex Folded Transparent to sound Indoor  Odourless  

Poly 240

Fire-retardant 5m 250g Sublimation Oekotex Folded 5m Rolled 3m Silicone band No COV realease Acoustic Decoration Indoor  Odourless  


Fire-retardant 3.10m 220g Sublimation Oekotex Soft fold Rolled 3m Silicone Band Decoration Indoor Odourless  


Fire-retardant 3,10m 220g Sublimation Oekotex Folded Silicone band No COV release Acoustic Decoration Indoor Odourless  

Textured acoustic

Fire-retardant 3,10m 270g Sublimation Oekotex Folded 5m Rolled 3m Silicone band No COV release Acoustic Decoration Indoor Odourless  


Fire-retardant 3.10m 220g Sublimation Oekotex Soft fold Rolled Silicone band Water-repellent No COV release Acoustic Decoration Indoor  Odourless