Fitted or stapled fabric

Stapled, easy-frame profile, silicone strap : as many solutions to install a fitted textile on your frames.

Compatible materials

Backlit 205

Fire-retardant 5m 205g Sublimation Oekotex Rolled Silicone band Backlit Decoration Indoor Odourless  

Backlit 300

Fire-retardant 3,20m 300g Sublimation Oekotex Soft fold Rolled Silicone band Backlit No COV release Decoration Indoor Odourless  

Black Back

Fire-retardant 5m 235g Sublimation Oekotex Rolled Silicone band Opaque No COV release Decoration Indoor  Odourless  


Fire-retardant 5m 105g Sublimation Oekotex Folded Silicone band Transparent to sound Decoration Indoor  Odourless  

Open weave

Fire-retardant 5m 95g Sublimation Oekotex Folded Transparent to sound Indoor  Odourless  

Poly 240

Fire-retardant 5m 250g Sublimation Oekotex Folded 5m Rolled 3m Silicone band No COV realease Acoustic Decoration Indoor  Odourless  


Fire-retardant 3.10m 220g Sublimation Oekotex Soft fold Rolled 3m Silicone Band Decoration Indoor Odourless  

Textured acoustic

Fire-retardant 3,10m 270g Sublimation Oekotex Folded 5m Rolled 3m Silicone band No COV release Acoustic Decoration Indoor Odourless  


Fire-retardant 5m 45g Sublimation Oekotex Folded 5m Rolled 3m Transparent Transparent to sound Decoration Indoor Odourless  


Fire-retardant 3.10m 220g Sublimation Oekotex Soft fold Rolled Silicone band Water-repellent No COV release Acoustic Decoration Indoor  Odourless